Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The plan

Thanks! to so many of you who gave to this ongoing flood relief project. We received about $800 directly, and another $1000 via CAM Int'l's special account for this sort of disaster relief (Project #062250). CAM also contributed another $1000.

All in all, we gave at close to 3000 breakfasts, using donated lp gas and tables. Over the 10 days, we handed out close to 1000 bolillos, or fresh bread rolls, as well as around 60 lbs. of tortilla, and 800 eggs. Pounds and pounds of hot dogs and chicken. Bags and bags of black beans and rice. Lots of instant coffee. Hundreds of bottles of water.

Yesterday, we purchased another $500 of rice, beans, cooking oil, canned tuna and more. This Friday, the young people from both Sendero 1 and Sendero 2 will be packing 50 boxes, complete with New Testament and Christian literature. We'll be handing out these boxes door-to-door over the next two weeks. Then, on March 14 we will be renting a party hall in the middle of the previously flooded area, inviting the neighbors to a thanksgiving meeting of sorts.

We don't just want to hand out a bunch of food, although if that is done in Jesus' name, that's ok in and of itself. But we want to see if, perhaps, through this effort we cannot only feed people for a couple days, but we can establish a permanent Christian witness in this very needy neighborhood. $2800 to plant a church? Well, maybe a good start...

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