Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was not a fun day. It started with a meeting at school. I love my kids, but I don't love having to sit through a rather tedious presentation by the kids teachers about what they're going to do and how their going to grade for the next couple of months. Fortunately, all three kids are doing well...David with a 9 (out of 10), Cathy with a 9.7 and Daniel with a 9.1 (which is a definite swing upward from the past).

Then I went to get our little 2001 Atos inspected. We're selling it, actually already did, and are giving it to Miguel and Tania tomorrow. I wanted to give it to them in the best possible condition, so yesterday I got it inspected, put new brakes in it, etc... I took it to the inspection station, and for the first time ever, it failed the inspection. The guy came up to me and said," Look, normally we ask for 100 pesos (about $8) to pass it, but give me 50." I decided I didn't to be corrupted, so I said no. "What do you think I need to do for it to pass?" He mentioned something called an oxygen sensor.

So I left, and went to buy an oxygen sensor. I found one for about $65, took it to my mechanic friend Mardonio, and we proceeded (he more than me) to take apart the front of the engine, in order to take off a metal shield over the front of the motor, in order to replace the oxygen sensor, actually a sort of cord-like thingy. Guess what? The replacement part I purchased was too short. So I went back to the parts store, only to find that that was the only length they had! They gave me my money back, and I went off to Chalco, across the highway, to a RC (Refracciones California). They always have everything, and they did have my part...but for twice the price. Oh well. So I bought it, and headed back to Mardonio's.

He quickly installed it, and I was off the the inspection place again. I asked Mardonio... "Do you think this part has anything to do with me passing or not passing the test?" He said he doubted it. Pure corruption. They just wanted some money out of me. Of course, by this time, it would have made much more sense economically to pay the $4-5 in "fee." I had now spent close to $200 between parts, paying twice to get it inspected ($20 each time) and what I gave Mardonio.

The car passed the second time. I don't know why, but I was happy.

At 5 I picked up around 8 young people from Jesus Maria and took them over to the church. We packed probably 140 bags and boxes of food stuffs. We put a New Testament and another devotional book in each bag. It was crazy. I'll try to get a couple of pictures posted soon. It turned into a youth meeting, with about 20 kids present. Good times.

1. We hope to buy another storefront. For about $2800. We'll be going to the municipality with the current owner to buy the concession for the place. This would give us two different storefronts, and if all goes well, we'll be trading in order to have two together.
2. Meeting with Jazmin, the basketball coach. We will be proposing to pay here about $10 a class, to give a basketball class twice a week, and make it a community center activity (along with all the others)
3. Team meeting at 4 p.m. The Cottrills, Valtierras, Palacios, David Gomez, Allan and us will be getting together to talk about church services, who's responsible for different ministries, etc...
4. Bible study with neighbors Liz and Gerardo, a marriage study, at 8 p.m.

Tomorrow--I preach, 1 Samuel 9-10. Narrative. Fun passage about Saul being picked king and hiding in the luggage.

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