Monday, November 24, 2008

Miracle Crash

Early today at around 12:30 Alejandro and David were going from here into Mexico City, in Alex's old white van, recently returned to them from the mechanics. About 10 minutes from home, on the main highway from here into Mexico City (the Puebla autopista), just past the canal, Alex crashed. Apparently there was a truck doing road work backing up traffic to a standsill. As Alejandro came over the hill and around the corner, he encountered totally stopped traffic on a 6-lane highway.

His brakes did not immediate respond, and when they did, they locked up, sending him into the concrete divider. The van spun totally around, then flipped on the driver side. A pretty tragic accident. Except for the fact that it wasn't.

Both Alejandro and David were totally unharmed, except for a precautionary neck brace for David Gomez, and an arm sling for Alejandro. They hit no one, and no one hit them. The van will probably be totalled, but even that isn't all bad...the van had, well, seen better days anyway, and it was insured. A number of men helped immediately Alejandro and David get out of their seatbelts and tip the van over on all fours, before the cops arrived.

Alejandro was telling us that the ambulance and the cops both asked them where the accident was where the van rolled. David, in gest, told the ambulance that it must have been farther up the road.

I arrived at the scene as the tow truck was pulling the van away, and as the two men were taken to a nearby clinic to be looked at. X-rays were taken...and they were released. I'm sure they'll be sore tomorrow, but for today, well, we are all just thanking God for His mercy.

Daniel and I went over to see how they were this evening. We didn't see David, but apparently he's not feeling too badly...because he was at the movie theater!!!

One more vivid example of God taking care of this Ixtapaluca flock!


Alan & Beth McManus said...

cool...God is good!

Alison said...

Wow, I'm so glad they're ok!! God is amazing!

Jed said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing! Amen, God is good.

P.S. Thank you Rod for posting the link to the blog on Facebook.

Adam and Vel said...

Praise God for protecting them!!
And, we miss that theatre...haven't found one nicer.

Ryan Fry said...

As is quoted in the movie "Kung Fu Panda"..."Awesomeness is free of charge" - I think this applies to God on this one. Thanks for sharing.