Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coro Unido Mega-Choir Extravanganza

This morning, after taking the kids to school, Mayra and I made it to the last little bit of the church's Tuesday morning prayer meeting (from 8:30-9 a.m.) and were able to talk to a lady by the name of MariEunice. She revealed during the prayer time that she believed in God and understood that there sure is a lot of sin in the world. During our 9-10 a.m. counseling time, Mayra led her to the Lord!

After that, Samuel and I went to Puebla, to find the University Auditorium that the 230 voice choir plus full orchestra and children's choir will be performing this coming Saturday and Sunday. What a place! The brand new, absolutely beautiful auditorium seats 3,500, with not a bad seat in the house. Samuel and I sneaked in, and got a great view of both the bottom and balcony areas. I bought 27 tickets for us and a bunch of our neighbors, then found a nice restaurant nearby and reserved a table for 27. Should be a great time of witness and friendship with 7 families that live right near us.

Our trip to Puebla included some tacos arabes, of course, as well as much stimulating conversation. Tomorrow night I take a trip to the airport to meet a clarinet player flying in from Michigan, who is participating in the concert. Pray for Terry and Helen Vanderwerf, who have an impossibly huge task to do in organizing and leading more than 350 people in very public forums with huge faith issues to do with, not the least of which is financial. The total possible attendance in the two concerts is 7000, and they need to sell at least 4000 tickets to break even.

The Coro Unido has already done an open-air concert in Cholula, and will be doing another hugely significant concert in the main public center square (zocalo) of Puebla, Monday, Dec. 21.

We finished out the day with our Jesus Maria Tuesday evening Bible study, this time in Samuel and Aurora's house. There were 19 of us in attendance. We studied the women of the genealogy found in Matthew 1. Why would God go out of His way to mention women in a normally all-guy genealogy? And what women they were...Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary. God's grace can cover a multitude of sins!

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