Monday, December 14, 2009

Cathy's Christmas Ballet Presentation

Cathy has been taking ballet classes for the last couple of months, practicing much of that time for her Christmas program, which we enjoyed yesterday afternoon. The event took place in a relatively small, public auditorium in Coyoacan, which is...well, about 90 minutes with normal traffic on a Sunday afternoon. I normally do everything humanly possible to avoid going into Mexico City, but your little girl's first ballet performance certain warrants a pilgrimage into the smog and traffic. I didn't help that we had never been to this place before, or that there was a public market occupying a nearby street, but we arrived on time, and stood in a rather long line to get into a rather small auditorium.

Eventually the line started to move, and we snaked our way into the dark auditorium, quickly realizing that not everyone was going to get a seat! We found three seats together, then 2 together, and were literally the last people to sit down (Esli Valtierra went with us), the remaining 50-70 people had to stand for the duration of the show (without air conditioning). There were also no public bathrooms...well, therer were, but they were chained shut, so my two boys, well, they went around the corner somewhere...

Cathy was, of course, exquisitely beautiful and did a good job. Here's some pictures, with a video maybe tomorrow. The last picture is Cathy with her ballet teacher.

Here's the video...

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