Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas season in full swing

This morning I stopped Samuel and Aurora's house briefly and saw the "Amigas del Alma" in action...preparing to make apple pies! I took a picture of the part of the group that had arrived, I'll post that sometime soon.

Samuel is created a Powerpoint to send to our supporting churches soon. It's a beautiful and clever graphic presentation of our vision for the new church plant. We're also working on a 2010 "wish list" of small and big projects.

Last night I met Carl the clarinet player who came down from Flint, Michigan to participate in the Coro Unido Christmas program in Puebla. Traffic was crazy on the way home...I got home at after 11 p.m., I'm sure Carl didn't get to Puebla until well after midnight.

As always, we so much appreciate your prayers and support of us. The Christmas celebration season continues to be in full swing, with an elementary school program with our kids tomorrow evening, then the Christmas concert in Puebla both Sat. and Sunday, followed by our church's evangelistic concert program on Monday.

This is a tiny photo, but it captures a bit of the audience we had Friday, Dec. 11, at our English class closing program/evangelistic program.

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