Saturday, March 22, 2014

Property Progress Pics

I'm reposting some pictures that co-worker Tina just put on Facebook. You can see progress on the temporary bathrooms, one of them complete with a white door. Eventually a water tank (much smaller than the cistern-sized one in the picture) will be placed on the roof of the bathrooms to provide flush-able toilets.

The second picture shows a section of wall with tin roof overhead, spaces to be used temporarily for Sunday School rooms, providing shade for the kids.

Work yet to be done...the placement of a door and installation of a window for the main meeting place at the back of the property, and completion of the bathrooms. We hope to definitely be meeting at this property for the April 6 4th anniversary celebration, but may possibly be meeting there this coming Sunday, if all the work gets done.

Praise God for his faithfulness in this project, every step of the way!

Phase #2 of the property development will be to build a two-story building with permanent bathroom facilities, a conference room, an office and a lobby at the front of the property, basically right where the large water tank is sitting now, back to about the rear part of the current temporary bathrooms, or perhaps slightly farther. Samuel's rending of what Phase #2 will look like is pictured below (last pic).

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Chalo Sandoval said...

WOW! What a great dream that we pray wlll come true!!! BLESSINGS!