Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Video of Last Sunday's Service in JM

We have been in PA since March 12, and this morning was the third morning we've woken up to a fresh snowfall. When will winter give up!

We enjoyed a great time with Hope Community Church this past Sunday here in PA, and a fun and edifying time with one of their small groups Sunday afternoon. What a special time with the Grove, Belmont and Ogilvie families!

We have been telling people that our goal was to be in the new church building in time for the church's 4th anniversary celebration April 6. Well, guess what! A big, iron gate/door was installed, as well as security windows, and some temporary Sunday School rooms were constructed ahead of schedule. The Jesus Maria church was able to meet in the 40'x25' space this past Sunday! We praise God for this great step.

Check out co-worker Jim Cottrill's video of this past Sunday below.

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