Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moses at Sight and Sound

Thanks to some gracious people who my parents know who are employees at Sight and Sound Theatre, the whole family was able to see "Moses" today, which their most recent presentation. Although every Bible story that S&S does is absolutely breathtaking, Moses has become my favorite. The production staff is using some new technology, including some phenomenal wrap-around 3D video, and the story line was captivating as always, yet without some of the overly acted segments that have been a part of past performances. Really quite the show!

In other news...I survived my tax and dentist day yesterday, and am looking forward to a great Sunday at Hope Community Church. We'll be involved with the "Beginnings" adult Sunday school class, then interviewed by Pastor Kirk Belmont in the worship service. A lunch follows. Sunday evening we're invited to the Grove household for dinner, then will be participating with their small group. Great fun!

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