Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Trip with David

As the kids grow older, it's been more and more possible to take them on trips with me.  Daniel, being the oldest, has benefited most from this.  Our latest venture together was to Corban University last October, when we were able to live in a Farrar dorm room.  It was quite an experience for both of us...and Daniel loved the crazy atmosphere of Corban's rowdiest dorm! 

Cathy had accompanied me on one occasion also, a rather sad trip to be present at the death of my cousin, Ben.  Cathy and Ben were great friends, and it was special to have her with me. 

But David had never accompanied me...until my trip to Rio Grande Bible Institute.  It was a hectic trip in some ways...13 hours of driving time up to the Texas border all day Wednesday, then another 13 hours returning on Sunday.  Three days in a great conference.  Lots of time where David really didn't have a whole lot for a 10 year old to do.  But he enjoyed riding around in a golf cart with Libby White, and making faces with Fernando Amezcua.

I promised him we'd do some fishing while in Texas.  David doesn't forget promises like that!  Although we weren't able to go fishing with Adam Landrum, dear ol dad managed to find a couple bodies of water closeby, and we went fishing.  In a lake in front of the McAllen Convention Center, and in a nearby canal.  We didn't catch anything...but at least I had fulfilled my promise!  Here are some pictures of David and our trip.  It's hard to take a normal picture of David...I'm sure you'll agree!

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