Monday, January 21, 2013

RGBI Report

I've posted some pictures from our time in RGBI.  Thanks to Erik Morga for taking most of them!  Among the highlights...a great time enjoying the White's and Blycker's hospitality, great interaction with the student body during our workshop time and at meals, and a really special drama depicting the Jim Elliot, Nate Saint and the other 3 missionary martyrs in Ecuador, reaching the Auca tribe.

Sofia Cortez was an intern last year with us, and we hope she's able to return this year as well.  She helped us throughout the week, and played the part of one of the missionary martyr's wives in the closing dramatic presentation.

I still have a Bible that Phil Blycker gave to me way back in 1989, when I first arrived in Puebla, Mexico, to teach at PCS.  I bought a ten-speed bike from him, which served as my transportation from the Lopez Ochoa house to the MK school.  Good to see Marco and Aubrey Murillo as well!  Camino is certainly very well represented at RGBI!

We would love to have a bunch of Rio Grande students participate in our summer internship program this year.  We'll see!


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