Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Let the Fun Begin!

Allan kicked off our week of outreach with a student-parent basketball time this afternoon. Allan desires to be very intentional in his class. At the beginning he told the group, "sometimes we think about doing all sorts of religious activities for God, but did you know we can play basketball for God too?"

There are a gazillion details that go into planning the closing program this Friday. Fortunately, Tina has everything under control! One of the to properly display the art. Samuel called today and said he'll make the 12 or so easels to appropriately display the art. Pictures below.

I went to Puebla today with Daniel. Good time with the folks at the Puebla Bible Seminary! Afterwards, some good tacos árabes with Daniel and friend Brian.

Quote of the Day: In a top-down hierarchical structure, delegation of authority is important; it is necessary for every action. Authority is recognized and granted by those who follow. Sometimes, however, someone takes authority through force or even the threat of violent enforcement, and in such cases delegated authority is pressed upon others. This is how the world operates, but the kingdom of God is not to be that way. All authority comes from God, and there is a vast difference between delegated authority and distributed authority. When God distributes his authority to us, there is a freedom granted with power to accomplish all that Jesus asks of the follower-any follower.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 180). Kindle Edition.

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