Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mural

Evangelism via art. Sound postmodern? Not likely to happen? Too different to be effective? Think again. There's a brand new mural in our community that has people talking. It has them thinking. It is communicating the gospel powerfully, almost without words. The only word...John. As in John 10:9. Jesus is the Door.

On Alyssa's very last day, she was able to talk to Julito about the mural. Jesus is the door. Walk through from the dry, desolate land separated from God, to the blessings on His presence on the other side. Jesus is the only way to cross. Drink some living water.

Take a look for yourself below. The last picture is taken from our community center marketplace area. The mural is easily seen from the area where many of our activities take place.

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