Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Basketball and Bible School

Today, Allan ends this semester of basketball classes.  He has a closing time just with the kids in his basketball class, and their parents.  Great time of being able to intentionally share the gospel.  He's pictures below (left) with Bryan.  I hope to bring him some WonderBooks in Spanish, that we still have from when Matt and Laura Steele brought some down last May.  It's crunch time, as we all prepare for the community center's closing program this Friday.

Today I´m talking to the students at the Puebla Bible Seminary about church planting and creative ways of outreach.  I'll also be presenting an opportunity for summer ministry.  Looking forward to spending some time with my friends in Puebla, and some good tacos árabes with Brian Nacy. I had a promo video on this page, but it would start every time I opened the blog...

Quote of the Day: When it comes to spiritual authority, the more you seek power, the less true power you will have. Those who hunger for power will get only positional power (and perhaps some expertise authority), because positional authority is the only type of authority to which one can aspire. The other forms of authority are simply granted because of who you are in relation to God and others. They cannot be bought or sold. Spiritual authority does not come from seeking power, but from seeking God, and one does not seek God from a position of strength but in weakness.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 179). Kindle Edition.

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