Friday, October 05, 2012

The Moody Chorale

Lots of color in this picture! I made Tina's "picture of the day" yesterday, in part no doubt because I was wearing the Nebraska Cornhusker t-shirt she gave me, in part because she wanted to point out how good I looked tuning a Hannah Montana guitar! We had 6 people show up for guitar lessons, almost too many for one person, so Stephen helped out a bit.

I was excited to get a FB message from mentor and former MBI Chorale director Gerald Edmonds (Mr. Ed), saying that he was praying for us. Wow, what a humbling thing! He taught me everything I know about music and singing, and has forgotten much more than I will ever know. I had the phenomenal opportunity to sing in the Moody Chorale for three years. I made it into the group and survived by the grace of God! The Moody Chorale under Mr. Ed's leadership probably did more for world evangelism than many missions agencies, singing around the world, in many glorious, difficult and strategic places.

I had the honor of coordinating a week or so of Chorale concerts here in Mexico. David Murphy, brother of Judy and Debbie (who sang in the Chorale with me) was president of the Chorale back then. What a privilege it was to sit by Mr. Edmonds in the front seat of a questionable but dependable bus and hear stories of how God worked in his life, has his mother kept him humble.

 So many good memories and good friends, many of which I keep track of via FB even today...Don McKay, Tim Mercaldo, Mark and Amy Chase, Ryan Streeter and many more.

Quote of the Day: From our worldly perspective, the kingdom of God is backwards. It is upside down. In a sense, everything you think you know is wrong, and everything you think is wrong is right. Wow! That is how separate the kingdom of God is from this world.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 168)

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