Saturday, October 06, 2012

Taco Cake

I spent a good part of the morning today going around buying things (ok, Mayra actually bought them)  for a pozole b-day party tomorrow.  14 lbs. of pork, 10 lbs. of hominy, onions, radishes, the works.  We've invited some friends we haven't seen in a while...including a bunch of ex-UAM Iztapalapa students who were part of a university ministry we were involved with in Iztapalapa.  Mayra and I were privileged to be involved in some way in four weddings that came out of that group.  It will be good to see them again.  Also invited...friends Ivan and Karen, who we have not seen for a LONG time.  We´ll miss Pablo and Jessica.

Tina and Tiffany (along with their bodyguard Fabian) brought over a creative cake! Although this taco is definitely modeled after more of a Taco Bell taco than the ones I frequently eat here (beef, beef tongue, tripa), it looks pretty tasty!  All the green and red vegetables, well, they are quite sweet.

Tina, for your benefit, today I have a hat on from Texas, and a shirt from Colorado.

A shout-out to Bill Beenenga, who has his birthday today.  He's a really old dude, a whole one day older than I am.

Quote of the Day: Do you realize that it is only in the gospel of Jesus Christ that you get the verdict before the performance? The atheist might say that they get their self-image from being a good person. They are a good person and they hope that eventually they will get a verdict that confirms that they are a good person. Performance leads to the verdict. For the Buddhist too, performance leads to the verdict. If you are a Muslim, performance leads to the verdict. All this means that every day, you are in the courtroom, every day you are on trial. That is the problem. But Paul is saying that in Christianity, the verdict leads to performance.
Keller, Timothy. The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness 

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