Thursday, October 04, 2012

English is Crazy!

I'm having fun teaching Daniel English.  Sort of.  Amazing how many rules have so many exceptions that they can hardly be called rules.

The occur, how do you know if you put a "ance" or "ence" after it?  Do you put an extra "r"?  When do you and when don't you.  Turns out this is a fairly common occurrence in the English language!

You may be familiar with the joke...what do you call someone who speaks just one language?  A (North) American!  Or in deference to our Canadian friends, an estadounidense.  Turns out, for better or for worse, nearly everywhere you go (at least as a tourist) you'll probably be able to get by with English.

If English is your native language, be grateful.  It means you don't have to learn it later, because learning it later can be nightmarish!

Time to go to my English class!

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Jim said...

Merci beaucoup pour cette distinction.