Sunday, October 14, 2012

Football and Krispy Kremes

So...the Cowboys lost again.  The only consolation is that the Eagles did too.  And it looks like San Francisco will also, after back-to-back interceptions.  The only down side...the Giants will beat them.  The up side to that...Eli Manning is my son's fantasy football quarterback.

I'm at my in-laws today, celebrating my birthday for like the fourth time.  I'm not crazy about another we're going to put some candles on some Krispy Kreme donouts.   Funny, Ecatepec is hardly a step up from Ixtapaluca, but we can get Krispies here!

My sermon today...well, I've heard better.  It was a tough passage, though.  Looking forward to the rest of the chapter.

Want to know what the Fiscal Cliff looks like?  In this article it's called the Ring of Fire.  Unless the U.S. cuts spending 11% over the next several years, we're in for trouble.  Click HERE.  Scroll down to the chart.
A comparison of interest rates for European HERE.

Do you love upgrades?  Check out this link HERE.

Panel discussion with Stetzer, Cole, Chan, others...19 minutes

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Jaime said...

Actually, I really enjoyed your sermon! :)