Monday, October 15, 2012

David, our Soccer Player

David has decided that he likes soccer better than football after all, and has been very enthusiastically involved with a local team, along with many of his friends from our neighborhood here.

David plays defense, and he's good, knowing when to come out an challenge, and when to hang back and protect the goalie.  As in everything he does, he does it with all his strength!  Last Saturday his team, Mexico, played Barcelona, and fought to a 3-3 tie.  They play them again this week to see who will go on in the playoffs, and who won't.  We're going to penalties this week if necessary!!!

See if you can pick him out among the teams below!

Quote of the Day: The damage done to our practical faith in Christ and in his government-at-hand by confusing heaven with a place in distant or outer space, or even beyond space, is incalculable. Of course God is there too. But instead of heaven and God also being always present with us, as Jesus shows them to be, we invariably take them to be located far away and, most likely, at a much later time— not here and not now. And we should then be surprised to feel ourselves alone?
Willard, Dallas The Divine Conspiracy (p. 71).

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