Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chan talks Church Planting

I preach tomorrow, kicking off the book of Romans, 1:1-15.  It is probably the least doctrinally intense part of the book (except, perhaps, his greetings at the end), but there's quite a bit there!  I pretty much manuscript sermons (whether in English or Spanish), and using PP too.

Want to know what organizations are going to be at Urbana?  Click HERE.

Get to know a supporting church, one of the most ethnically diverse churches I have ever seen.  Valley Bible Church, of Hercules, CA, near SF.  The senior pastor, Phil Howard, makes me cry every time I hear him preach (that's a good thing!).

586 apartments...a church in every building.  Wild vision.
A short, 4 minute video on an urban church planting strategy. Francis Chan
The website at the end is this one:

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