Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WOW logo, Family Missions Experiences

Corban WOW
Daniel and I are gearing up for our time with Paul Johnson and family at Corban University, in about a month.  Samuel is working on the logo for the conference.  Here is one possible logo for their WOW Week (World Outreach Week).  I'm taking Daniel along for the ride so that he can experience a Christian college in the U.S.  I'm hoping he can help with some of the informal times we'll have around campus, connecting with Spanish speakers, etc...  Looks like we may be able to touch base with Tommy and Sue Moon too.  Can't wait.

Stephen Predtechenskis arrived yesterday.  I brought him home after picking him up at the airport, Mayra gave him some good enchiladas to eat, then a quick trip to Walmart.  We arrived a bit late to the Tuesday evening Bible study, taught by Jim and Ismael.  Good stuff!

Family Missions Trips
There has been renewed interest of late in family missions trips.  We've been privileged to host several families in recent years, from PA, TX and MN.  If you are interested...let us know!  Housing is accessible and economical...over the years I've rented four or five homes two-bedroom homes for this type of experience.  All kinds of potential exciting partnerships in the works.

Here's one possible logo option for Corban's after graphic.

Quote of the Day: No one need worry about our getting the best of God in some bargain with him, or that we might somehow succeed in using him for our purposes. (“ All this and heaven too,” as is sometimes humorously said.) Anyone who thinks this is a problem has seriously underestimated the intelligence and agility of our Father in the heavens. He will not be tricked or cheated. Any arrangement God has established will be right for him and right for us.  Willard, Dallas. The Divine Conspiracy (p. 38).

Gospel Motivations, Part 2, Neil Cole

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