Thursday, September 27, 2012


Some of you know that we've been involved in handing out wheelchairs during the past several months, working in conjunction with an organization called Operation Blessing.  I took some time yesterday to write a testimonial for use in their organization.

Our community center is very close to a school that has E.E.E. painted on the front wall, a Escuela de Educación Especial, or Special Education school.  The name of the school is “A New World,” and the director, a woman by the name of Nativitas, does her best to provide a clean, positive learning environment for the 20-30 special students in her care.

Tina, our co-worker and director of the community center, spent some time with some friends of hers in downtown Mexico City.  She told us about an organization that her friends had contact with, “Operation Blessing,” that provided all sorts of aid all around the world.  One of their primarily outreaches in Mexico is through the donation of wheel chairs.  She also mentioned that one of their warehouses and distribution centers was not far from our ministry here.

We have, to date, individually delivered 37 of these wheelchairs, free of charge, to desperately needy children, young people, and adults.  Twenty-one of the chairs were given to the Special Education school very close to our community center.  

After one of our wheel chair events, during which time a special guest from Texas did a break dancing routine and we had a special open mic time, I noticed Miriam with her daughter, Tashami, and two other daughters waiting for public transportation.  “I can take you home,” I offered.

Tashami suffers from microcephaly and  cerebral palsy.  She is ten years old.  Wheel chairs are expensive, out of her families budget.  Tashami desperately needed the chair, and her mother expressed her gratitude as we dropped her off at her house. 

“Maybe we can see you again sometime soon,” we volunteered.  “Yes, I’d like that,” Miriam responded.
(Miriam and Tashami are pictures to center-right side of the phone below)

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