Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The King is Coming

A story on CNN caught my attention today.  A French magazine was going to publish a satirical cartoon making fun of the anti-Islamic movie, but was having to deal with pressure not to publish, for fear that the cartoon would be interpreted as anti-Muslim.  Amazing all the movies and books that have been written blaspheming Jesus, all the ridiculous satires criticizing Christ, and no one ever fears a riot.  But of course, the world should fear, and will fear one day, when the Son of Man returns not as the Suffering Servant, but as the Judge of the world.  He has a very good memory, too.

Daniel is exploring other options as far as football teams, after during a team practiced the one coach hit him (and other boys) on the back with a wooden stick, bruising his lower back.  This prompted some intervention from his parents, as you may imagine!  The head coach was very apologetic, but one of the other coaches less so.  Can't imagine this happening in the U.S.

Today is the 27th anniversary of Mexico City's 1985 killer earthquake.  Whole apartment buildings and hotels fell, with thousands killed.  Mayra was on her way to school in a bus, and never really felt it, but knew something was going on when school was canceled.   Don't miss the quote and video below the picture.

Quote of the Day: We know of a senior pastor of a church in our area who, after refurbishing the facilities with fresh paint and new carpet, stood before the congregation with a cup of coffee. To the shock and sighs of the congregation, he then intentionally poured its contents directly onto the new carpet, creating a dark puddle and a permanent stain. He said to the church that the carpet can go to hell but he didn’t want the kids in the neighborhood to have to.  Neil Cole, blog

Advice for Leaders, short video, Francis Chan

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