Thursday, September 20, 2012

Divine Grace

On Tuesday night I gave a study on "The Purpose of Divine Grace", taken mainly from Ephesians chapter 1.  Great going over concepts like redemption, adoption, predestination and holiness.  One woman in particular, Reyna, was just eating it up.  One of the last times we saw Reyna, before we left for the U.S. this summer, was with a large, white bandage covering the gash in her forearm, where her drugged son cut her in a violent brawl, right before he smashed all the windows in their house.  That, as you may imagine, is another story.  She has fully recovered, and now has a new life also.

We are in the process of reporting the last 17 wheelchairs we handed out, so we can go retrieve another 20 more (at least) from Operation Blessing's warehouse in Los Reyes, Mexico City.  Another special needs school has asked for chairs for their students.

Stephen Predtechenskis (that may be how his last name is spelled) is coming down next week and will be with us for nearly three months.  Looking forward to getting to know him better and sharing some tacos!  You can check out his website at

Quote of the Day: Apart from harmony under God, our nature-imposed objectives go awry. The social and individual chaos of human desires sees to it. Much of our time and energy is spent trying to dominate others or escape domination by them, from “office politics” to tribal warfare to international relations on a global scale. Willard, Dallas. The Divine Conspiracy (p. 23).

Whatever you think of Glenn Beck, this video makes you think.

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