Friday, December 10, 2010

Good friends, good memories...

Several years ago, Bill Walker spent 6 weeks with us in Mexico. Whitney, his girlfriend (fiancee?) at the time, now his wife, also came down for two weeks, and it was great to get to know them both.

Bill and Whitney impressed me back then, and they continue to be examples to me of how to live life, and do it right. With energy, with relevance and with holiness.

One memorable night Bill and mutual friend Jonatan Toledo, from the Dominican Republic, still weren't back at their host home and, around 11:30 p.m., the host mom called me. Bill and Jon still aren't back. So my friend Charles and I hopped in the van, and found them walking, a bit sheepishly, in the neighborhood toward their host home. Apparently the only restaurant they found gave them very slow service. Jonatan mentioned that they really weren't out walking just the two of them, that really they walked in a group of 5...including the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Check out Bill's blog here...and Whitney's blog here.

I would love if sometime in the future God would join our paths again.

For a challenging article on Christian atheism, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

I seriously still feel bad about that night Rod, ha! What a funny story though. You left out the part about driving around looking for us and yelling, biiiiillllll . . . I really appreciate your encouraging and affirming remarks though. The feelings of course are completely mutual, and we'd love to cross paths again too! Un dia pronto.

Bill said...

I seriously still feel bad about that, ha. What a great story though. You left out the part where y'all were driving around looking for us and yell "biiiiiillll, biiilllll walker." But seriously, we really appreciate the encouraging and affirming words Rod. Of course you know the feelings are mutual. Indeed it would be great to cross paths again. Un dia pronto!

Charles said...

Bill Waaaaaalker????