Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Yesterday, Dave Dilworth, pastor of Word of Life Chapel, organized a church activity to go see the Lancaster Barnstormers, a minor league baseball team with a nice, clean stadium in downtown Lancaster.

Samuel and I were talking afterwards...nobody was really watching the game, we suspect it was just a cultural way to get together and talk for an afternoon.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Mayra rode on the back of Bill's Harley the whole way to the game, and loved it! All and all, a beautiful way to spend a beautiful summer night here in central Pennsylvania.

I'll try and take a picture of Samuel's mural soon...truly a work of art combining elements both past and present of the church here, with a clear missions focus and an allusion to the parable of the Sower.

Oh, and we finally met Josiah and his friend Heather. And the boys, of course, reminded him that they haven't as of yet had their traditional Run for the Taco Bell!

I have finally decided that my diet will have to begin once back in Mexico.  Too much to eat here!

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Jim said...

Your diet will start when you get back to Mexico? Boy, you sure have forgotten what it's like here... ! ;)