Monday, August 06, 2012

Mexicans in PA and Julie Ellenbarger

Our time at EGBC was great yesterday; good to touch base with some many friends.  Afterwards we had a wonderful dinner (as usual) at my parents house.  Today, I went to see how Samuel is progressing with his painting.  Looks really good!  For lunch today, more corn-on-the-cob with chicken and gravy over waffles.  Italian ice for lunch.  I postponed my diet one more may have to start in Mexico.

Denny brought a Mexican friend for lunch today.  Samuel and I had an opportunity to speak with him regarding the gospel.  Mayra and Aurora ran into several more Mexicans at the store, and what follows is their story.

Mayra, Aurora and Melanie were coming out of a grocery store in town, and heard a man speaking in Spanish, along with his little girl.  Turns out he had left his wallet at home, but didn't realize it until he had reached the store.  Apparently someone dropped him off.  Mayra offered to take him back and get his wallet.  They drove the several miles to his house, and met his wife as well.  On the way back to the store they tried to talk to him about the Lord, but his responses indicated a pretty closed heart.  Nevertheless, the ladies did their best.  They continued to talk to him when they got back to the store...Aurora wondered why he wasn't getting out of the van.  Mayra then realized that he was locked in the car...a captive audience!  She unlocked the car and he got out.

In other news...we are excited to hear that Julie Ellenbarger, one of our interns this past summer, has made application to Camino Global for mid-term service!  Julie is fluent in Spanish, and contributed in big ways this past summer to the ministry in Ixtapaluca.  Glad to have you (soon) as part of the team!  Julie (right) is translating for Bethany Ortiz, from Leroy Community Chapel, during their time in Mexico this past June.

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