Thursday, August 09, 2012

Sam's Wolc Mural

Our friend Samuel, from Ixtapaluca, has been commissioned with painting a mural for our home church, and has been working diligently on it, with Denny Mohr stopping by for him at 5:15 a.m. most days. He has been working to tie various elements together...the agricultural nature of the area, the history of the church as well as a missions focus. The parable of the sower unites both local and international, and the central figure represents the church's motto: Holding forth the Word of Life.

Mayra is helping him a bit, as time is running out for completion of the mural.  It will be presented before the congregation this Sunday, with Samuel explaining the various elements represented in the mural.  The yet uncompleted part on the bottom will be two hands full of corn, representing good soil that bears much fruit.

Denny is keeping Samuel well supplied with food, soda and ice cream!

This afternoon...we're all going to Sight and Sound to see the presentation of JONAH!

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