Friday, August 10, 2012

Run for the Border

Yes, our kids like Taco Bell...although they will admit that Taco Bell tacos really aren't tacos.  No, this isn't a plug for Taco Bell...rather a request.

Our mission, Camino Global, requires all personnel driving in and our of Mexico to drive across northern Mexico and the border in caravan.  That means that we need to drive out of Mexico and come back into Mexico accompanied by another vehicle.  As you may imagine, that's tricky, everyone with different schedules and time-tables and all.

We traveled up with Brock and Heather Hower on July 10...but no one, or so it seems, is driving back the end of August.  At this point we plan to cross the border on August 24...but our dates are fairly flexible.  At this point, our friend, Enrique, will be driving our Astro up from Ixtapaluca to the border with the express purpose of driving back with us.  Now, our 2003 Astro is a bit of a gas hog, and just tolls for this trip one-way probably total somewhere around $70.  So...that's where a request comes in.

If you would know of anyone who is crossing the border into Mexico from Laredo, TX (or McAllen) and driving at least as far south as Monterrey, from August 24 through as late as September 5, well, please let us know.

OR...if you would be willing to accompany us across the border and drive back, let me know (please note that this last option is not for the faint of heart!).  There are numerous requirements involving your vehicle title, etc...that you'd need to consider.

In other news...yesterday we saw "Jonah" at Sight and Sound Theater, near Lancaster, PA.  Truly a spectacular presentation, and spiritually impacting as well.  A big thanks to mom and dad for a special evening.

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