Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gold Medal Bass

David and my uncle Dwight (any family resemblance is purely coincidental), with two nice bass that Dwight and I caught nearly simultaneously, on surface lures. Just for the record, I caught the bigger one.

David has been loving his fishing outings over the last couple days, and caught one bass about this size a couple of days ago.

This morning we went over to our good friends the Beenengas and shot all sorts of pistols and rifles at unsuspecting potatoes, apples and assorted targets.  My dear wife shot an AR15 and a 9mm pistol.  Should I be concerned about this??  Bill also had a couple canisters of white pellets that react like dynamite when a high powered round past through the canister.  All sorts of fireworks going on.  So much so that I forgot all about David's dentist appointment at 11 a.m.  Oops.  We got there...a bit late.

Oh, and in other news...MEXICO WON THE GOLD MEDAL IN SOCCER! I'm sure the whole country is going bonkers right now with parties and parades.  As if they need an excuse.

Tomorrow...a Mexico presentation with the Valtierra and Fry families at Word of Life Chapel.  Should be fun!

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