Tuesday, March 20, 2012

People Respond When You Meet Three Needs

Daniel is suddenly interested in reading (whew, about time!).  He is currently reading Quiet Strength, by Tony Dungy.  Of course, it helps that reading it is counted as school time.

I have to comment on Tebow...I personally think that Denver is making a huge mistake, but then again, it sort of adds to Tebow's mystique.  Reports are that Miami is maybe looking at him.  I wonder how his teammates feel about the decision.  Gotta be some mixed emotion there.  What people love about him is precisely that he puts football in its place.  Who would you rather watch...a Manning that is almost guaranteed to win, or Tebow, who you expect to lose, and then he wins?  No pressure on Tebow, lots on Manning.

Looking for a plane flight?  Turns out Google wants to take over that, too.  Go to www.google.com/flights.  Amazing how quick your search is.  Unfortunately Mexico City is not a valid departure city (yet), but no doubt will be soon.

Quote of the Day: 
People Respond When You Meet Three Needs
First, we need transcendence.  Everyone, at some point in life, wants to know God—to know the mystical and the divine, to solve the dilemma of life’s God-shaped vacuum, and to know the great beyond.

Second, people seek significance.  They want a purpose in life—to feel that they’re doing something meaningful, to feel empowered to do something important, and to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

The third need is for community—to connect with other people through meaningful relationships.  Most people could make it in life without riches or toys, but few, if any, could survive without friends and a sense of family.  Lost in America, Clegg and Bird, pp.43-45

I shared this video a while ago...then took it off my blog upon request, but am re-posting today.  A big thank you to Nicole Greiner, who visited us in December, 2011. 

Community Transformation in Mexico from Nicole Greiner on Vimeo.

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Alyssa Joy Miller said...

I love Jesus. This video makes me love him even more