Monday, March 19, 2012

More Faith, not More Strategy

We have a busy week ahead, with a quinceaños party for Claudia, a girl in our church on Saturday evening, then a big celebration for our church's 2nd anniversary next Sunday, with guests Toño and Becky Muñoz, from La Cosecha, Mexico City.  Toño and Becky also helped us in our leadership recognition process earlier this month.  Our brothers and sisters from Sendero 1 are invited too.  Should be quite the party!  Special participation in the service from the women, the kids and the youth.

4 PEOPLE confirmed for the formal internship this summer, excited about that!  

A man from my neck of the woods was killed over the weekend in Yemen, doing missionary work. My dad actually knows his father-in-law.  Check out his story HERE.

Read an update from David Gómez in Uruguay HERE (in Spanish).

Check out Alyssa Miller's site, Real Eyes Editing, HERE.  Alyssa just sent me a bunch of edited pages from my proposed book; I'm looking forward to improving my writing.

I'd encourage you to pick up (or download) anything Neil Cole has written.  The title of this post comes from a quote in his book church3.0.

Quote of the Day: How many times did Jesus shake His head and comment with a sigh of disappointment, “Oh ye of little strategy”?  It is not more strategy, but more faith in the King and His reign, that we need.  Neil Cole, church3.0 p. 67

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