Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7.6 Point Quake Rattles Much of Mexico

I was reading a book yesterday as I was waiting for the van's oil change, and the world began to tremble. I thought at first that the movement was due to the weight of big trucks rumbling down the road nearby, but no, it wasn't that. And it just didn't seem to stop.  Check out some pictures below.

 The shop owner invited, rather urgently, to leave the building and wait outside, which I did. Turns out we experienced a 7.6 earthquake. It was a strong one, not strong enough to destroy the city, but strong enough to knock some books off our shelf at home, and break some windows downtown. Co-worker Tina wrote about it in her blog, and reports of it were all over Facebook.

 If you've never experienced an earthquake before, well, you need to come visit us and stay for a while. You'll likely feel at least a small one, but quakes like yesterday are something special. It seemed like it lasted nearly two minutes, but I haven't read an exact figure. A couple of hours later we felt at least one strong aftershock.

 The book that I was reading is entitled One or Two, by Peter Jones. I was especially challenged by his analysis of the importance of the uniqueness of God (and the gospel) and the importance of clarity in sexual orientation (good theology and good anthropology). You can read what others think of the book HERE and HERE.

Here's a quote from the book.

Quote of the Day: Postmodern deconstructionists said there is no metanarrative (overarching worldview), but religious pagans didn't seem to hear them and are busy construction a new one to explain everything. In other words, we are seeing not a breakdown of law and order but a redefinition of it; not unrestrained immoral behavior but a justification of it; not a laxity about sexual perversion but a legalization of it; not a materialistic rejection of God but a spiritual redefinition of God that turns Him into the goddess. One or Two, Peter Jones, p. 47.

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