Thursday, February 16, 2012

Summer Internship Opportunities in Mexico

Every summer since 2002, Mayra and I have coordinated CAM Int'l's summer internship in Mexico.  It has been a wonderful privilege meetings some phenomenal students over the years, several of which are now in full-time missionary service.  It's been fun to see some of them get married, and we've been able to maintain some sort of personal contact with the majority of them.

We're gearing up for another summer this year, with the 6-week internship starting May 30.  During the summer, students 18 years old and up live, eat and worship with the tight-knit Mexican community here in Ixtaplaca, and are involved in a variety of activities, including ESL, children's ministry, sports, music and, sometimes, camp work and orphanage involvement.

Just remember...our internships aren't just for students!  Last year we had several families come down and assist in the work here.  Really a person of any age who wants to make a difference is welcome.

Check out the two videos below...the first is an animated video produced by friend Samuel and his partner Luis.  The second video was created by co-worker Jim Cottrill, and is of the 2010 summer internship.

If you know of a student who may be interested in this opportunity, please send him or her our way!

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