Friday, February 17, 2012

Football or Fútbol

Mike Ditka has famously said, “If God had wanted man to play soccer, He wouldn't have given us arms.” Ok, soccer isn't my favorite sport either. But why call a game that is mostly not played with the foot "football?" 

Now, technically the term "football" is translated fútbol / balónpie / balón pie in Spanish. But football isn't fútbol. Although fútbol soccer is by far the most popular sport in Mexico (and the rest of the world, by the way), many people follow U.S. football, and most guys here can identify their favorite U.S. team. The only soccer games I really enjoy watching are the World Cup games, which spotlight the unique culture and personality of each country.

 Our dear son Daniel has already worked his way through a number of sports, including karate, soccer, and basketball. But now it would appear that he's found something he really, genuinely likes. Football, the real man's sport, where you can tackle each other, and you don't fall down and complain at every little foul.

Little brother David also has caught the fever, and has, not surprisingly, become a favorite on the team. David is gifted in making friends. He's amazing at it.

 We found a rather rag-tag team in a nearby neighborhood, and the kids are excited. Practice is three times a week. Their team name is the Broncos. Go Tim Tebow! Go Daniel and David!

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Quote of the Day: “There is no substitute for knowing and being known by another human being.  There is no other way to experience what deep down we really want as people—to be heard, to be understood, to feel that our life counts….  If you know that someone really cares, you are much more likely to give your best effort rather than disappoint.  But if you’re swimming against the tide all by yourself, chances are you’ll just give up.”  Hendricks, As Iron Sharpens Iron

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