Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting Around Mexico City

I was happily about to renew my visa for another year yesterday.  Within the next year, I hope to change me immigration status to either full resident status or perhaps even naturalized citizen.  We'll see.  I had to travel up to northern Mexico City, a nice neighborhood called Polanco.  

It's amazing to see some of the road work being done in Mexico City.  Soon, most of the periferico, or city beltway, will have two levels...right now much of it does.  After two decades, Mexico City has shaken off fears of another massive earthquake, and is building up and high in earnest.  (See picture below).  If you haven't been to Mexico City lately, there's much of it that you simply would not even recognize.

In other news, I think my son Daniel is officially taller than I am now.  At 13.  Of course, I'm not necessarily the definition of tall.  A Mexican brother in the church last week told me, "You know, brother, I've met several people from the U.S., and I just gotta tell you that you're the only one that has been shorter than me."  Hmm...never noticed that before...

Quote of the Day:  We creatures, we jolly beggars, give glory to God by our dependence.  Our wounds and defects are the very fissures through which grace might pass.  It is our human destiny on earth to be imperfect, incomplete, weak, and mortal, and only by accepting that destiny can we escape the force of gravity and receive grace.  Only then can we grow close to God.    Yancey, What’s So Amazing About Grace, p. 273

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Nice blog, Rod. I'm going to read this more later, but you have a nice approach.