Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's Really Hot in Mexico, Right?

Everybody always thinks that because we live in Mexico, we constantly have to endure humid, 90 degree temperature. We must always be hot, right? Of course, we allow these perceptions to continue because generally missionaries should suffer somewhat, right? But you want to know the truth? Mexico City is situated in what's called Mexico's central plateau, high up at 7200 ft. above sea level. That's higher than Denver.

 There is very little humidity here; we actually sometimes have to humidify our house because of how dry it is. Kids get nosebleeds. There is no central air conditioning, because our brick and block homes keep things cool. If anything, we sometimes need central heating. Not often, but more often than the uninformed would imagine.

This blog is entitled "In the Shadow of Volcanoes" because be live about 45 kilometers (27 miles) from Popocatepetl, the active volcano, situated between Mexico City and Puebla. We can drive up to Paso de Cortez, a road that goes up over 10,000 ft., in about one hour.  If Popo, as it is affectionately called, would every totally, literally blow its top, my blog entries would no doubt abruptly stop. The photo below is of Popo yesterday, one I shamelessly stole from our co-worker, Jim Cottrill.

 Oh, back to the weather. When it rains at 7200 ft., it snows at 17000+ft.  The volcanoes have been nothing short of majestic lately, with rare February rains nearly covering them with snow.   Our early morning temps during the winter can get down to almost 32°F here, and every now and then I have frost on the windshield of the car when I take the kids to school in the morning.

In other news, yesterday there were 13 people in my English class, and 6 kids in guitar class, up from last week.

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