Friday, February 10, 2012

Writing a Book, Alyssa and Matt

After years of my mother encouraging me to write a book, I've decided to do so.  Two main reasons for that decision. The main one is that so much is happening here in Ixtapaluca, it would be a shame to not record some of it, mixing culture and ministry, looking for God in the details.  The second reason is that a good friend, Alyssa Miller, just started an editing business.  It's called Real Eyes Editing.  Check it out by clicking the link.

Alyssa and husband Matt should write a book also.  They have plenty of autobiographical material to choose from!  We met Alyssa in 2007 when she did an internship with us here.  Great girl from a great family, parents with Campus Crusade.  Alyssa came back this past year with husband Matt, who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for rescuing a bunch of people when that big highway bridge collapsed near Minneapolis, MN.  Remember that?  From Mr. Colin Powell himself.  Matt was working construction on the bridge, walked off the bridge briefly to take a break, turned around and the bridge was gone.  He ran down to the embankment below a still-hanging section of bridge and helped save many trapped motorists who had fallen in the gorge.

Alyssa's big claim to fame, at least for everyone here in Mexico, was her work on "The Mural," an evangelistic depiction of what life is life with and without God, painted on a water tower in Jesús María.  Matt and Alyssa spent three months here last year, from March to June.

But the piece of news that they would really want you to know about them is that Alyssa is 5 months pregnant, expecting a little girl!  Yeah!  Please pray for them as the enter an exciting new phase of life.  

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