Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Plans and Faces

Some of you have perhaps received this information via email, but I wanted to re-post here.

I know I’ve been sending updates periodically, but this is an attempt to summarize some of the more significant decisions being made here, and to introduce you to some faces.  It is also an invitation to pray for us here, and give if you so desire.

There’s a lot to mention…I’ll try to be as brief as I can.

1. On May 6, Lord willing, Ismael (with wife Marta) will be called as the church’s first pastor in Jesús María, and Samuel (with wife Aurora) will be recognized as elder.  Several of you are planning on being here that weekend.   This is a huge step for the church, and we are so grateful that the Lord brought this couple to us.

2. After this school year, Samuel has decided to retire from teaching after 26 years, and be involved in church planting ministry, with a focus on art and graphic design.   They will be, Lord willing, joining FAMEX, a missions agency here that focuses on church planting and evangelism both here and abroad.  David Gómez is currently in Uruguay through FAMEX.   

3. José and Adriana Palacios, part of the initial group in the Jesús María church plant, will be leaving the church to begin a cell group which we hope will eventually grow into a new church plant.  They will be looking to start this new group in Alfredo del Mazo or in Santa Bárbara, near where they live.  The Palacios are asking for help in the purchase of a used vehicle for a taxi, that will give him a bit more financial liberty and time for ministry.  If you’d like to help, you can send us a check.  Sorry, no official project for tax-deductible giving on this one.   Let me know if you want to support.

4. Jessica Nixon and Joe Martinez both attended the Vision Weekend last June, and both have committed to the ministry here for two years, and are in the process of raising support to come down.  Their desire is to be here as soon as possible, by summer at the latest.   They are the only people coming to Mexico via CAM, and we’re delighted they’re coming here.  If you’d like to be part of their support team, email them for the details.  Jessica: jessica@nixonnotes.com  and Joe: martinjoe82@yahoo.com

5. Finally, this year is the year of obtaining a property or remodeling a house for the church in Jesús María.  Some of you have already generously contributed to this project, and right now we have approximately $14,000.  But we’re going to need significantly more than that to buy a suitable property.  This project name and number is Ixtapaluca Start-up project #063604.  CAM Int’l, 8625 La Prada, Dallas TX 75228

As always, know that 100% (probably more) of what you give will go to where you designate it.  We count it a privilege to partner with you in reaching this needy area of Mexico City.   Please take the time to send us a brief note. 

We always enjoy hearing from you.  Check out the Cottrills blog Finding Direction also, and Tina’s blog in avoidance of the perfunctory for much more.

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Ismael and Marta Pérez

Samuel and Aurora Valtierra

José and Adriana Palacios
Jessica Nixon
Joe Martinez (with Daniel)

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