Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feeling Better

I woke up feeling great today after dealing with a sore throat since Tuesday.  It wasn't that it hurt so much, but I felt like I had gills...maybe should have gotten tonsils out before.  But no complaints...

Jesús went to my guitar class this morning, my only student.  He's 13, really tall for his age.  I invited him to church tomorrow.  Always good to have Jesus in your Sunday service.  At least one.

I'd like to encourage those of you reading this blog to consider either monthly or one-time support of two mid-termers currently raising support to come to Ixtapaluca.

Joe Briones  account number 086075
Jessica Nixon account number 086890

You can give online by clicking this link:  CAM Int'l online giving

For an interesting perspective on Christianity around the world, click HERE.

Quote of the Day: How will our people ever come to feel in their bones the awful magnitude of what is at stake in the eternal destiny of the unevangelized, if our homiletical maxim is to start with a joke and keep the people entertained with anecdotes along the way. How will the people ever come to know and feel the crags and peaks and snowcapped heights of God's glory if our preaching and worship services are more like picnics in the valley than thunder on the ice face of Mt. Everest?  John Piper, The Place of World Missions

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