Friday, December 30, 2011

Trials and Blessings

Yesterday our house was full of friends, and we celebrated a year full of both trials and blessings together, mixing up testimony and song with good food and fun games. And of course, a piñata at the end! My favorite part of the day was observing two teams, the women vs. the men, during our humming game. One person from each team would be given the title of a well-known song and chorus. They would then hum the melody of the song to the rest of the team. Turns out that some people are not as good at humming as they'd like to believe! We put a good dent into the pork roast, but there is still plenty left over for today and tomorrow...and maybe the day after that. Oh, and the "Now you have it, now you don't" gift game was great too. A prayer request and praise...some of you perhaps are aware that the son of a lady in our church was accused of a crime in the subway system, and is currently serving probably two months in a city jail. We were happy to hear that through this terrible and very likely unjust situation, he has given his life to Christ. Please continue to pray for Jonathan, and his mother Graciela.

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Dan Smith said...

I've been following your blog for awhile and enjoying the news coming out of Mexico City. I'm glad that your 2011 has drawn to a good close (particularly with the news of salvation) and that 2012 started well. I'll keep reading what you write, so keep up the good work!