Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Mayra and I are gearing up for a Christmas/New Years party with some dear friends from both churches here at the house tomorrow.  We expect 15 adults and 9 kids (plus us).  Mayra will be working on preparing a huge pork roast for tomorrow...9 kilos, or almost 20 lbs.  Here, roasts are prepared with several different spicy peppers (guajillo, ancho), and with almonds and raisins.  I'm working on the program for tomorrow.

Last night Cathy invited three of her friends...girl power at its maximum expression!  Cathy had the whole time planned; they celebrated "Pet Day" together.  At least they don't make as much noise as the boys do!  See picture below.

We enjoyed a nice Christmas with Mayra's parents, and plan to spend New Years Eve with them as well.

Here are the current presidential candidates for Mexico in next year's election.  Click this link (in Spanish).


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