Sunday, December 25, 2011


Emmanuel, God with us. What an amazing truth, the lengths and depths that God went to in expressing His love towards us, in making sure that we understood how much He loved mankind, and each of us individually. The incarnation and what happened on the cross bookend a mind-blowing divine display of supernatural proportions. God with us. The God-Man. Born, crucified, and alive!

 I may get tired of some of the superfluous activities related to this time of year, but I will never tire of meditating on how Creator God could be born in a barn, of a virgin. That is amazing. That is solid, bedrock truth, one of those key pillars of understanding on which much else stands or falls. God invaded this world in human form. Most didn't recognize Him. Most still do not.

This past Friday we celebrated Christmas with our small band of brothers and sisters in a different way, outside, in the plancha, or concrete slab of a the market where we do our community center activities.  It was simple and beautiful.  Below, some pictures...
Joy to the World, Silent Night, O Holy Night and Venid Pastores, all in Spanish of course.  Allan on the drums, Jim jamming on the keyboard and me trying to hold my own on the guitar.  

After the service, food of course!  It was Samuel's birthday on the 23rd, so we celebrated with tacos de suadero, soda and a cake.  Things got a little crazy with the cake.  Ask Tiffany and Tina

This picture is actually from December 8, giving certificates of participation to those who participated in our fall community center activities.  Always really neat to see families that are not involved in our normal church activities, excited about being with us for this closing program.

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