Friday, October 21, 2011

CAM becomes Camino Global

Change...a part of life. Actually, an essential part of life. Wouldn't it be weird to look at photos from 10 years ago, and look exactly the same? The people who change the most are the 12-14 year old crowd...from one year to the other they transform from nice children to...teenagers!

The mission that we are with, CAM International, is way past adolescence (CAM is something like 118 years old). A significant portion of CAM's missionaries were around back when CAM started. But nevertheless change is in the air. CAM's new name, starting now, is Camino Global.

Any name change is tough, because we tend to become emotionally attached to words and titles. I am in favor of the name change for the following reasons:

1. Camino Global has all sorts of double and triple meanings. We as a mission are going global. The "Camino" we preach is also the only true, supreme global message.

2. Camino Global, in Spanish, with the accent on gloBAL, flows nicely off the lips, and is a catchy, pleasant phrase to Spanish speakers. Both camino and global are spelled the same in both languages. Camino, a Spanish word, may provoke a bit of explanation, but it's exactly the sort of curiosity that we want to provoke, in order to concisely explain mission vision.

3. Although camino isn't necessarily well identified by English speakers, probably the sorts of people who care about Spanish speakers will already catch it. Being exclusive creates demand and interest.

4. It works for mobilization.

5. Lastly, we can get away with such a name in a potentially closed country. It means what you want it to mean.

Check out these links in Spanish and English for more info.

A couple more changes...Daniel Wicher, president of CAM since 2001, is stepping down as president of the mission effective next summer. He will be missed.

Also a big change, and rather sad news...Doug Peiffer, pastor of our home church, Word of Life Chapel, has announced his resignation effective immediately. It was our privilege to host Doug and his wife Christie here in Mexico this past June. They will be missed! Please pray for the church during this transition time.

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Dan said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now just because I'm interested in missions and the like. I didn't know that CAM was changing its name, but I really enjoyed your thoughts on it. I was really taken by the proper pronunciation of global in Spanish and I agree that it does sound good. Here's hoping for a solid and productive future!