Thursday, October 20, 2011

To all of you Moody people...

Hey, special blog post to all of you Moody people who need to come down to visit us in Mexico City this coming Christmas break or Spring break or Summer break.

Also to all of you wandering, errant former interns desperately wondering why you didn't just stay here.

You get here...we'll figure out how to house and feed you.

You will eat tacos to your heart's content. That's a promise! You'll also experience some genuine Mexican hospitality, and experience TRUE Christian community with the church here.

If Colby 16 comes, well, Sam promises to paint a VACA LOCA on a wall somewhere in your honor.

Look for flights into Mexico City's only airport, Benito Juarez Int´l.

Oh, I just had to post this picture. I actually look rather thin in this picture, hiding behind this little stand in Fitz 201. What I handsome devil I am. But my wife, well, she is frequently mistaken for Salma Hayek and Paz Vega. I'm serious.

Extra free hint to all you Moody gentlemen...if you want cute kids, marry a beautiful Mexican.

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Anonymous said...

im here... can i have a wall in my honor?