Sunday, October 23, 2011

Preaching in Neza

Relationships are such an important part of life and ministry. Who would have thought that the three years we were involved in a university ministry at the UAM Iztapalapa way back in 2000-2003 would foster so many long-term friendships.

We attended four weddings from couples out of that multi-denominational Christian group, and participated in some way in three of them. We just celebrated the birth of Roberto and Irene's first baby. Adam and Elena, who now live in León, called me on my birthday. We have kept in touch regularly with about 8 members of that group of 15-30, and today, I preached in Casa de Oración, Neza, where Pablo and Jessica minister. Mayra also was invited some months ago to give a conference to the women of the church.

This morning, four of the original Vision Universitaria group from the UAM were there...Pablo, Jessica, Carlitos and Enrique. After my sermon we ate tortas de carne with rice and pozole.

Last night we had an extra-special time at the men's study. We finished up our study of the book of James, with 6 men in attendance. Even after we had "finished" the men still hung around, asking for prayer, sharing personal requests. It was encouraging!

Tomorrow begins a new week of challenges. We've decided to do a rather simple church outreach using bags of candy and some attention-grabbing cartoon-like tracts to hand out during Halloween/Day of the Dead days. Mexico has increasingly adopted October 31 as part of their culture, adding that day to Nov.1 and 2, and creating a three-day long death fest. No time to go into all of this here...but if you want to know more about Mexico's fascination with death and now, the resurgence of the worship of the goddess of death, click HERE.

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