Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday activities

Today, the Fremont Alliance church did the following:

1. Had a devotional and team time in the morning.
2. Played soccer
3. Cut grass with large shearers (scissors)
4. Cleaned out the classrooms for the kids club next week.
5. Prepared an open field for a paintball war tomorrow, putting barricades up, etc...
6. Practiced, some of them, the songs for the worship service tomorrow
7. Practiced a drama for tomorrow
8. Practiced a puppet skit for next week.

This evening, a record number of men (I think, like, every man we have in our church except 1), plus about 6 guys from the Nebraska team, participated in our men's study (Col. 4), then ate about $80 worth of beef, tongue and intestine tacos (tripa). Fed spiritually and physically. It was a glorious time.

Here's Tommy, REALLY getting into the whole paintball war prep!

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