Thursday, August 04, 2011

Daniel at Harvey Cedars, and a team from Nebraska

I asked my good friend Keith to take a picture or two of Daniel, who is in the middle of what always is a super week at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference, on the NJ seashore. Please pray with us that this week would have a significant impact spiritually in Daniel's life. Check out some pictures below. Looks like he's having a good time! we pick up 21 people and 1 dog from a group of primarily Sr. Hi young people from a church in Nebraska, Fremont Alliance Church. Tina Burham is also beginning a 1-2 year commitment with us here in Ixtapaluca. This first night will be spent downtown, in a hotel, then the rest of their time here in Mexico will be spent in Ixtapaluca, living with church families and supporting a kids club next week. Please be in prayer for that, too, and the myriad a details that go into making sure everyone is happy and healthy.

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