Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Loose ends and details...

I wasn't around a whole lot today for the club. After Mayra did the opening and I helped empty another 4 bags of cut grass (really), we began preparing for our trip to PA. YEA! We fly out early, but I'd rather fly out early than get stuck in Mexico City's crazy rush-4-hours traffic every morning and evening.

While home, we'll be going to Knobles (maybe), enjoying our family cabin and, hopefully, doing a bit of nothing. Enjoying family and friends and crickets, katydids, peace and quiet, a coffee at a corner booth, etc... Of course, with our kids, and with our crazy bunch of friends, it's hard to do a bunch of nothing. But we're going to try.

At Word of Life Chapel August 21 for their Bible school hour, 9:30 a.m., then meeting (tentatively) with some folks from Hope Community Church the next day.

Back to the kids club...I left early, but I'm pretty sure there was more kids there today than there was yesterday. Please continue to pray for a fruitful ministry, with many contacts with the kids parents at the closing program on Saturday.

I've enjoyed getting to know the Nebraska team this week. They've been a joy to work with. You can check out two of the leaders' blogs if you want:
Jeremy Stine's travel blog: Mexico 2011
Tim Howard's blog: Howard Family Blog

You can also follow our co-workers, Jim and Shari Cottrill's blog, as they are engaged in a "gruelling" cross-continental trip, having left Mexico City well over a month ago.

If anyone wants to buy a t-shirt, let me know! We're taking 45 or so up to PA, so we can send them to you and raise money for the church here. I don't want to bring any back to Mexico.

For an interesting article on the advantages of being bilingual, especially at a young age, click HERE.

We miss our son, Daniel. Does he miss us? Hmmm...

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