Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peaceful PA

Our flight from Mexico City to Houston arrived on time...but going through customs in Houston is HORRIBLE. It took us probably 45 minutes to get through the line, and because of this, (in spite of running O.J. Simpson style through the Houston airport) we missed our flight to PA. So instead of being confirmed for the 10:15 flight, the 4 of us were flying standby for the 12:30 flight.

We relieved our frustrations with pizza and Blue Bell ice cream.

We managed to get on the 12:30 flight, sitting in three different locations, but we made it...and landed at PHL around 5 p.m., and arrived at my parents' house around 9 p.m., to a small welcoming committee. It was great to see Daniel again after 3 weeks.

This morning we picked tomatoes, "helped" my dad in his shop and...well, let's see what else the day holds.

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Jenny said...

welcome back! you couldn't ask for more beautiful weather!